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The Long and Abbey Road

So, we got to record in Abbey Road!

In late July my son Tony and I took a one day trip to the fabled studios in London where many of my musical heroes have recorded in the past. It was a great day - part practical and part pilgrimage.

I got a chance to record 3 of my own songs, with Tony accompanying me on clarinet for two of them. The recordings were semi-live, in that there were no additional instruments added after - a couple of takes from me and, a bit annoyingly, just one take from Tony!

  • The first track was "Tangledance", from The Sandrunners album. "George m'Boy". It's a song about love in the run up to World War I.

  • The second was "Find Me", which will be my next single (though a different version). It's a track about remembrance, inspired by my brilliant songwriting friend, Gavin Mee, who died, much too young, in September 2018.

  • And the last was me on my own playing and singing "There Goes Davy". The corners of my mouth naturally turn down, but I'm not really sad or grim. That's what this song is about 🙁🙃😃.

The opportunity to record in Abbey Road came through "Talent is Timeless", a "community of songwriters over the age of 50 who set out to prove that talent knows no age limit" - founded by London based acoustic artist Saskia Griffiths-Moore.


More pics and videos of the three tracks to follow, but, for now, here's a happy photo taken by Constantin Pilavios of me and Tony on the steps of Abbey Road.

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