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Return to Hoorn (Sandrunner-less)

Having played many times in the beautiful city of Hoorn with my friends and colleagues in the Sandrunners, this year I'm going back to play a couple of solo gigs, and to take part again in the Stadsfeesten - the city's annual music festival.

Hoorn is a small and very beautiful, often overlooked, Dutch city.

First I get to play a record store gig for the lovely Nick Staphorst at Uptown Records (though the shop has moved to bigger premises since this picture was taken in 2019).

That's at 2:30 this Saturday afternoon (11 June 2022).

Then, later that evening at 8pm, I am delighted to be back at Hoornse Stadsfeesten where we have played before on a number of occasions (see the top photo and the one below).

While it won't be the same without the rest of the lads in the band, I'm looking forward to it enormously, and the songs I'll play will be very different - maybe only one from the Sandrunners days.

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