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David McCann with his guitar

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Deeply inspired by the profound effect that The Beatles' music had on him as a young man, David McCann writes haunting and melodic songs, by turns upbeat and melancholic. He says of his songwriting, “Sergeant Pepper made me do it!”.  

Winner of Northern Ireland Forestside +45 Songwriter’s competition in 2020 for his song “Find Me”, David has been a mainstay in the NI acoustic and rock scene for the last 15 years. 


He released a solo album “...and sang to a small guitar” in 2010. In 2013, he formed the band ‘The Sandrunners’ with his friend and fellow songwriter, John McLaverty. They have released an EP and two albums, including “George m’Boy” (2018), a concept album about a man’s experience in the First World War.


He returned to solo work with the single “Last Man on the Moon” (2021). David tours mostly as a solo artist across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

His winning single “Find Me” is due out in October 2021.

“...these deceptively simple songs drive home their melodious message through subtle phrasing and tantalizing vocal delivery” 

– Tim Carroll,


"Another very fine local band... Gorgeous stuff" 

– Cherrie McIlwaine (BBC Radio Ulster)


“‘George M’Boy’ is an excellent piece of work... the band has created an impassioned and thought-provoking body of work that is an enthralling listen.” 

– Gerry McNally, Folk and Tumble

Last Man on the Moon cover image with Apollo rocket lifting off
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